My philosophy is to develop architectural designs that solve my client’s housing needs while balancing their personal style and the image they want to project, with their budget, as well as addressing local codes and regulations, environmental concerns, and site constraints.

I do not design houses in one architectural style. I prefer to incorporate regional materials and visual elements from local architecture with my client’s tastes and period preferences. The design of someone’s home should not be my personal statement, but instead an integration of my skills with the clients desires.

My overriding criterion in choosing both construction materials and building techniques is energy efficiency. It is my firm belief that most recent American housing design does not incorporate new energy saving building techniques. Current residential construction is characterized by inadequate insulation, inferior siting with respect to wind and sunlight, mediocre quality windows, doors and venting, old heating and cooling systems, and excessive unheated space under oversized roofs. The cumulative affect wastes unnecessary amounts of fossil fuels, electricity, and water. I am working to address this trend in my work.